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David Liebe Hart's Guide to the Best Real Life Australian Things


David Liebe Hart's Guide to the Best Real Life Australian Things

Comedian David Liebe Hart, while best known for his work with Tim & Eric, has built his own cult-like following over the past decade-or-so, large off the back of his own unique unfiltered and honest idiosyncrasies, that include an obsession with trains, his stories of alien contact and, of course, his extensive puppet collection.

Hart is set to tour Australia and New Zealand this April. Flanked by electro-musician Jonah "Th' Mole" Mociun, the pair will perform a show of puppets, strange stories and visual weirdness.

This won't be Hart's first visit our way though, and on previous tours he's picked up plenty of new obsessions from local pop culture and beyond. We recently jumped on the phone with the comedian to talk through some of his favourite, undeniably Australian, fixations. Alongside which, Hart has also shared with us an exclusive premiere of his new video, "Vegemite".

All words below by David Liebe Hart.

Olivia Newton-John
"Olivia Newton-John has been a great inspiration to me. I have been a big fan of her ever since she performed the country-western songs 'Let Me Be' and 'You Love Me'. I honestly love you, Olivia. I love everything you do. You're very beautiful and very talented. I especially love your movie Grease that you did with John Travolta.

I knew Alice Ghostley personally who was on that show. I met her at a Christian Science church in Glendale way back in the 70's. I feel they should have given Olivia Newton-John her own show like they gave Donnie and Marie Osmond. I also loved Olivia Newton-John on The Muppet Show. I've just enjoyed her throughout the years. She's one of my outstanding favourite musicians and actresses."

Tangara Trains
"I love the Tangara train. It's a space-age train that is out-of-this-world. It reminds me of the American Electroliner. It is a fast-speed, smooth, sensual train, ahead of it's time. The people who put it together and designed it were really outstanding, modern and creative."

"Vegemite is a wonderful thing, similar to peanut butter but it's got its own unique style and taste. I like it a lot. I enjoy it on celery and carrots as well as brushing my teeth with it. It cleans my teeth better than baking soda."

Watch an exclusive premiere of David Liebe Hart's new video, "Vegemite", below:

Samantha Armytage (Channel 7 TV Presenter)
"She reminds me a lot of Olivia Newton-John. [Samantha] is another outstanding, brilliant anchor woman with a lot of talent. Not only is she talented; she's super-beautiful like a beautiful water lily or lotus. She's got a lot of personality and a lot of style. I really like her a lot. I was attracted by seeing her on her talk show and I fell in love with her and her wonderful performance as an anchor woman."

Alien Bases of Ayers Rock
"The Korendians do have an underground base under Ayers Rock. The Korendians are a brilliant alien race from Star Korendor, which is four-hundred and eleven light-years away from earth. They're well-known for working with Bob Renaud in 1961 and also with the Wright brothers and Tesla and Einstein. They brought us a lot of back-engineering technology that is priceless. They taught the aristocracy a lot of things like they were the first to invent the toilet, the microwave, and the fibre-active that all of the cable companies use."


David Liebe Hart Australia and New Zealand Tour
Wednesday, April 5th: Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Friday, April 7th: Northern Star Hotel, Newcastle
Saturday, April 8th: The Red Rattler, Sydney
Sunday, April 9th: The Basement, Canberra
Tuesday, April 11th: Grand Poobah, Hobart
Wednesday, April 12th: The Toff In Town, Melbourne
Thursday, April 13th: Jive, Adelaide
Saturday, April 15th: Four5Nine, Perth
Sunday, April 16th: Mojos, Perth (Stand-Up Show)
Monday, April 17th: Meow, Wellington
Tuesday, April 18th: Totara St, Tauranga
Wednesday, April 19th: Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
Thursday, April 20th: Whammy Bar, Auckland

Tickets available here.


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