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Ecca Vandal, Urthboy and Others Star in 'Voice For Change' Doco Series


Ecca Vandal, Urthboy and Others Star in 'Voice For Change' Doco Series

Voice For Change is a new documentary specifically aimed to "inspire young people to follow their dreams and ambitions". The 45-minute video — featured below, and also available in shorter vignettes — stars a variety of Australian musicians and sporting stars talking through their own experiences on topics such as racism and social inclusion.

"As soon as I heard what the program was about, I was on board straight away," said advocate and hip-hop/rock singer Ecca Vandal, who, in her section of the documentary, speaks about migrating to Australia from South Africa with her family when she was just four-years-old. "It was a big change for me, for all of us."

Alongside Ecca Vandal, Voice For Change features Urthboy, Diafrix, Sampa the Great and B-Wise, as well as AFL player Majak Daw and former-Socceroo Archie Thompson, who individually recall stories of individual hardships, alongside uplifting tales of personal and professional accomplishments.

"With football, whenever we've had a successful team, whenever we've won something, we've worked together," says Thompson, adding that "you can imagine working as a community together how much more you're going to improve the lives of our youth."

The series was created by the Victorian Government's Creative Victoria, in partnership with the Mushroom Group, with the primary goal to "start a discussion" of unity. The project aims at "inspiring young people to chase their dreams" through the words of successful artists and athletes, all hailing from diverse and multicultural backgrounds. Nonetheless, advocate and rapper Urthboy knows this feat is not accomplished overnight.

"There's always a long winding road to eventual success, but that winding road is like a golfing handicap — with vastly difficult odds depending on where you've come from — and it's worth remembering that before writing people off." Urthboy told Rolling Stone. "If the acknowledgement of those odds doesn't give you a sense of perspective and a source of inspiration — I don't know what will."

Watch the complete documentary below. More information, as well as the individual vignettes, available via the documentary website.

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