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Emmys 2016: What Will Win, What Should Win

Emmys 2016: What Will Win, What Should Win

In the era of Peak TV, the real winners are the audience. Today's television watchers have an unprecedented variety of programming at their fingertips, at an equally unprecedented level of quality. In this environment, the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, airing in Australia on FOX8 at 10am on Monday, September 19th, may mean more than ever — they're a way to separate good TV from great TV, one category at a time.

Here's our attempt to do the same. Below, you'll find our predictions for the most likely winners, the shows and stars that deserve to stand in their place, and the overlooked gems who ought to have had a shot at the spotlight themselves. From broadcast to basic to pay cable to streaming, they're a demonstration of the breadth of TV today. May the best shows win!


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