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John Oliver and Waleed Aly Respond to Paris Terrorist Attacks


As the world continues to mourn over the weekend's tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, political and social commentators and comedians have begun their deconstruction of the events.

John Oliver kicked off Monday's Last Week Tonight episode with a monologue loaded with "premium cable profanity", the British comedian declaring that "although much is still unknown [...] we know this attack was carried out by giant fucking assholes."

Meanwhile, Waleed Aly took a far more measured (and censored) approach during his succinct analysis on The Project. Aly called ISIL is "weak", but also pointed out that they're primary aim is to peddle fear amongst their enemies, appearing stronger and more controlling than they actually are by taking credit for "DIY terrorists". He added that "ISIL don't want you know they'd quickly be crushed if they ever faced a proper army on a real battlefield" and suggested that anti-Muslim rhetoric — such as that currently being supported by Pauline Hanson — is in fact helping the ISIL cause, by creating the "us vs them" division they're striving for.

In the heartfelt closing, Aly pleaded for us all "come together", conceding that although it sounds like a cliche, it's also "exactly what ISIL doesn't want."


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