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Exclusive: Listen to First Episode of Amanda Palmer's New Podcast


Exclusive: Listen to First Episode of Amanda Palmer's New Podcast

While on tour in Australia earlier this year, American singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer hosted a special talk with Missy Higgins at Melbourne's Astor Theatre.

The conversation, presented by The School Of Life, centred primarily around the topic of motherhood — with the two singer-songwriters sharing stories from their own experiences, both becoming mothers in the past few years. Structured around fan-submitted questions from each other's Facebook feeds, Palmer and Higgins discussed all aspects of how their art intersects with their adapting lives, including the practicality of touring and as an source of inspiration.

This chat forms the basis of the first episode of Palmer's new podcast, AFP-CAST. Around edited excerpts from the Astor Theatre event there's also snippets from a second, private conversation between the two songwriters — recorded in the theatre's bathroom of all places — as well as live recordings of songs, with the pair collaborating on a pair of covers — "Cats in the Cradle" and the Beatles' "Let It Be" — and playing an original each, with Higgins performing the unreleased "Song for Sammy" and Palmer performing "A Mother's Confession."

Funded by Palmer's Patreon supporters, the debut episode of AFP-CAST is available to stream below, exclusively via Rolling Stone Australia.

"I figured this was going to be a good enough discussion to try to capture and podcast," Palmer explains of the organic approach to her new endeavour. "I've always wanted to fire up a podcast, so this is a humble attempt to begin."

While Palmer admits that she "found there was a huge learning curve with podcasting", she also adds that she "can't wait to do more".

Top Photo: Palmer (left) and Higgins, credit: Love Bree Photography.


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