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Noel Fielding: "I've Done Some Ridiculous Things, Things I'm Not Proud Of"


Noel Fielding: "I've Done Some Ridiculous Things, Things I'm Not Proud Of"

Raised in South London by parents with a fondness for Frank Zappa and Hawkwind albums, Noel Fielding's magical view of the world was formed in part by childhood TV shows like The Banana Splits and, later, art school. Subsequent co-creation The Mighty Boosh catapulted the 41-year-old to uber art-comedy stardom, while his team captainship on Never Mind the Buzzcocks mesmerised BBC viewers with glam-inspired outfits, charm and wit. With his surreal Hawaiian coffee shop-set TV series Luxury Comedy now concluded, Fielding has returned to stand-up, and he's bringing his solo show, An Evening with Noel Fielding, to Australia this month.

Your new show features characters from Luxury Comedy, like a Plasticine animation of Joey Ramone.
I love the Ramones and American punk, like Iggy Pop, New York Dolls and the Tubes. The idea was to make Joey Ramone into a kind of children's TV character – he was made out of Plasticine in quite an innocent way, with a Scottish narrator. In the show, we take an audience member into Joey's world.

You tend to admire unconventional looking people like Andy Warhol and Peter Falk...
When you're young, you think good-looking people are those with even features and long blonde hair, but as you get older you realise all young people are good looking in a way, as their faces are quite new. Then when you get older you start appreciating people with fucked-up faces. You think, "Wow, what a head!" Ronnie Wood's got one of the best heads I've ever seen; it's like a Red Indian.

What's the most rock & roll night you've experienced?
Too many. I've done some ridiculous things, things I'm not proud of. But I guess one of the most rock & roll things I've done was go to the [2007] Isle of Wight Festival in a helicopter to see the Rolling Stones, which is where I met Kasabian. We landed on a croquet lawn. We got out and started drinking, and later, to get back to the ferry, we had to hide in the boot of Mick Jagger's son's car.

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno says he often gets mistaken for you.
People get us mixed up, weirdly. I think it's because we've got similar haircuts and we wear similar clothes. We both have weird faces, although in a way he's classically better looking than me. I've got more of a mental face. No one could mistake us in real life though, as he's 6'3", whereas I'm about 4'3". His mum says we are very similar. My mum says we could be brothers.

You favour rock attire. What's the latest wardrobe item you dig?
I've got these coats that a seven-year-old Japanese girl would wear, a bit like parkas, with furry hoods. They're really weird colours with embroidered igloos and stuff on them. I bought six. There's no way a man of my age should be walking around town in one of those. I've also got this weird zebra coat with a furry collar that's causing a stir. I love shopping. I'm a shopaholic, and I'm excited about coming to Australia, as you've got some pretty good second hand shops there.

You quote Noel Coward when he said he was a workaholic who felt sorry for people who weren't.
I understand what he means, as it gives you a complete sort of focus in your life. I love it when I become obsessed with my work. I love doing big projects. I like to be scared. When we started The Boosh, it was like, "How are we going to do this?" Then you get over it and you need something else to frighten you. I can't imagine a time when I won't feel like this.

Where are the sets and costumes from The Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy?
All the Boosh ones are gone. They got stored in this horrible farmyard place and were covered in chicken shit and were wet, warped and they stank. We had to destroy them. The Luxury ones? I cherry picked the best. In front of me, here in my little office, where I write, is a Vlad the Impaler Flying V guitar, a seven-foot Joey Ramone, and a kite featuring Bryan Ferry's head. Most of it is here with me. Terrifying, really. They are going: "Hurry up and write some more stuff will you?"

The An Evening With Noel Fielding tour starts next week. Ticket info available via ABP.

Wednesday, April 15: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne
Thursday, April 16: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne
Friday, April 17: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Saturday, April 18: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Sunday, April 19: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne
Monday, April 20: Canberra Theatre, Canberra
Wednesday, 22 April 22: State Theatre, Sydney
Friday, April 24: Riverside Theatre, Perth
Saturday, April 25: Riverside Theatre, Perth
Monday, April 27: QPAC, Concert Hall, Brisbane
Tuesday, April 28: QPAC, Concert Hall, Brisbane
Thursday, April 30: State Theatre, Sydney
Friday, May 1: State Theatre, Sydney
Sunday, May 3: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne
Tuesday, May 5: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Thursday, May 7: QPAC, Concert Hall, Brisbane
Saturday, May 9: ASB Theatre, Auckland
Monday, May 11: Wellington Opera House, Wellington
Tuesday, May 12: Wellington Opera House, Wellington
Thursday, May 14: Isaac Theatre Royal, Wellington


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