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Watch John Oliver Demand 'Bread Pants' in 'Last Week Tonight' Web Exclusive


"How Is This Still a Thing?," a reoccurring segment on Last Week Tonight, often finds host John Oliver questioning antiquated concepts like Daylight Savings Time, Ayn Rand and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. With the U.S series on a one-week hiatus for Memorial Day Weekend, Oliver flipped that question around – "How Is This Not a Thing?" – in a web exclusive.

For instance, Oliver recommends the existence of things – or "thingsistence" as the host says – like a "universal safe word for getting out of conversations that have run its course," "Ambien, but for getting through the part of the day that you're awake" and "a house key that cries like a baby when you're about to leave home without it."

Other less-brilliant-but-still-good ideas include a biodegradable treadmill, a Blue Man Group starring only dogs and the creation of "bread pants."

Last Week Tonight returns next weekend to cover things that actually do exist.


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