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Watch John Oliver Explain Beyonce, YouTube, Jeb to Cicadas



Scores of cicadas are predicted to emerge next month in parts of five U.S. States, according to the New York TimesLast Week Tonight host John Oliver riffed on the influx of bugs by explaining nearly two decades of politics, technology and pop culture to the creatures in a web exclusive.

"A lot fewer people are calling it the Willennium than we thought they would in 1999," he said to a bunch of cicadas. "We voted in a second President Bush by a narrow margin and rejected a third President Bush by an enormous margin." Oliver updated the bugs on the Internet (which "no longer screams in agony as you dial into it from a phone line") and YouTube ("a video distribution platform where teenagers become famous for playing video games and opening boxes"). The host broke down the bizarre Crying Jordan meme, the rise of Macklemore, Dr. Dre's transformation into a business mogul and the musical reign of Beyoncé. 

"Enjoy the world while you have a chance," Oliver warned the cicadas, cutting to an image of Donald Trump. "Because, to be honest, depending on how things go in November, this planet might not be around in another 17 years."


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