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First Listen: The Meanies 'It's Not Me, It's You'


First Listen: The Meanies 'It's Not Me, It's You'

Melbourne's The Meanies are surely one of Australia's favourite treasures. Stumbling upon their brand of grotesque power-pop is a venerable goldmine for any music fan seeking the loud and thrilling. Emerging during the moment at which grunge began to seep from an underground culture into mainstream acceptance, The Meanies trashed stages with some of the genre's greats, such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. 

Recently celebrating twenty five years together as a band, and re-releasing their back-catalogue on vinyl through celebrated local indie label Poison City Records (Smith Street Band, Swervedriver, Luca Brasi), The Meanies have decided to conclude 2015 with the release of It's Not Me, It's You, their first new album in over twenty years. Interestingly, this album might not have happened without the surge of popularity seen by a few of The Meanies' good friends. "The renaissance that our pals in the Cosmic Psychos were having inspired us to get off our arses and put something new out." says bassist Wally Meanie. "What the hell, it couldn't hurt right? Besides, we were getting pretty sick of playing the same set for the last 21 years!"

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Skating in at just over twenty minutes, The Meanies re-introduce their thrashy punk soaked in pop fervour. With only a handful of songs breaking the three minute mark, The Meanies do what they do best: rousing rock played to a lean and frenzied degree.

Before its official release on September 25 through Poison City Records, Rolling Stone Australia has the worldwide premiere of It's Not You, It's Me streaming below. Furthermore, The Meanies will be launching the new album on October 3 at the Newtown Social Club as part of our Live Lodge residency (tickets available now via Ticketscout), with other shows also scheduled for Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. The full run dates is available via the band's website.


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