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Banned and Brutal: 14 Beyond-Controversial Horror Movies

Banned and Brutal: 14 Beyond-Controversial Horror Movies

There are horror movies that will give you nightmares, and cause you to fear showers and shallow waters for decades. There are some that get deep under your skin – often times because they've literally flayed or burrowed under their characters' skins – and others that will make you see everyday items (a bowl of pea soup, a hockey mask, a videotape) in a horrifying new light. And then there are the ones that push so many social-taboo envelopes, strike so many collective raw nerves and tweak so many communal gag reflexes that they are a cut, if you will, above the rest. We've all seen good scary movies and bad scary movies – it's the really ugly ones, however, that tend to generate the most memorable and notable notoriety.

So we've singled out 14 horror films that have caused various degrees of public outcry upon their release – or in a few cases, weren't released in certain countries for decades. Several films nearly got folks arrested; a couple merely inspired repulsion and disgust from critics and audiences alike, along with some passionate jeers. But all of the movies here fall under the category of controversial, all of them took the genre to some fairly extreme places, and all of them get a 1-10 according to how much respective outrage each work generated. Remember, it's only a's only a's only a movie... .

By Charles Bramesco, Scott Tobias and David Fear.



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