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'It' Trailer: See Terrifying First Footage of Pennywise


In the first official trailer for the long-awaited It remake, seven children from fictional Derry, Maine unite after being terrorised by a disturbing clown named Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård).

The clip begins in 1957 with the opening scene straight from Stephen King's 1986 novel, as six-year-old "Georgie" Denbrough chases after a newspaper boat that falls down a gutter. As he stares down the drain, the boy locks eyes with the evil, face-painted villain.

Later, we meet the film's seven child protagonists, including Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things), collectively known as "The Losers' Club." In voice-over narration, the kids foreshadow the horrors of their seemingly innocent hometown: "People die or disappear at six times the national average. And that's just grown-ups. Kids are worse – way, way worse."

The crew bands together and discovers the truth – that Pennywise is running amok in Derry's sewer system. Throughout, the trailer showcases Andrés Muschietti's unnerving visual style with snippets of eerily floating balloons and Pennywise's sharp claws.

It, which hits Australia theatres on September 7th, is reportedly planned as the first instalment of a two-part series. Last year, producer Roy Lee told Collider, "We're taking it and making the movie from the point of view of the kids, and then making another movie from the point of view of the adults, that could potentially then be cut together like the novel." It's rumoured that the second film began filming this month under a secret name, though the studio has yet to confirm the project.


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