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Watch Chilling First Trailer for Retro-Horror Movie 'A Cure for Wellness'


The disturbing underbelly of a wellness centre in the Swiss Alps is teased in the chilling first trailer for Gore Verbinski's upcoming horror-thriller, A Cure for Wellness.

The film follows a young executive (Dane DeHaan), who ventures to the spa to retrieve his company's CEO; he begins to suspect, however, that the treatments being offered are more nefarious than they seem. The new clip doesn't offer many plot points, but set to a slowed-down, industrial cover of the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated," it presents a chilling montage that renders a water aerobics class as creepy as a room filled with naked bodies suspended in some sort of green liquid. Verbinski's penchant for terror is further showcased in epic shots of a violent car crash and burning building, which strike as much fear as a simple moment of a young girl receiving medicine from a dropper.

This marks Verbinski's first major horror film since his 2002 remake of the J-horror classic, The Ring. Since then, he's helmed several Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as well as Rango and The Lone Ranger.

A Cure for Wellness opens in Australia cinemas February 16th, 2017.


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