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Watch DC Superheroes Come Together in First 'Justice League' Trailer


The DC Cinematic Universe comes together – minus one major superhero – in the new trailer for Justice League, which pits Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg against an alien race.

"We have to be ready. You, me, the others. There's an attack coming from far away," Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne warns in the preview, which introduces the cast of superheroes, showcases their powers and reveals how they formed the Justice League to fight "Parademons."

The trailer from the Zack Snyder-directed blockbuster is also soundtracked by the White Stripes' "The Hardest Button to Button" and a hard-rock rendition of the Beatles' "Come Together."

Noticeably absent from the trailer: Superman, who – spoiler alert – apparently perished at the end of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice; Superman was also missing from the teasers that were revealed Friday. However, Amy Adams' Lois Lane makes a one-shot cameo in the trailer, suggesting that Henry Cavill's Man of Steel will appear in some capacity.

While Batman V. Superman was criticised for its grim tone and lack of humour, the Justice League trailer makes sure to sneak some levity into all the destruction. When Ezra Miller's the Flash asks Affleck's Batman what the Dark Knight's actual superpower is, Bruce Wayne responds simply, "I'm rich."

Justice League storm into action in November, just five months after Gal Gadot's solo Wonder Woman film hits theatres in June. Affleck's Batman is also scheduled to get its own film, but production on that movie has halted as The Batman deals with some behind-the-scenes issues.


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