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Watch Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Gain Ally in Gripping 'Logan' Trailer


One of the newest members of the X-Men family is the subdued Laura Kinney (played by Dafne Keen) in Logan, the supposedly final instalment of the spin-off series. While Hugh Jackman's character, Wolverine, continues to be the focus, the new trailer reveals that Kinney has her own pair of lethal claws.

Logan is set in a remote desert location near the Mexican border, where an aging Wolverine is holed up with an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart). When Kinney enters the picture, a squad of heavily-armed men are following her. Wolverine must choose between running to save his own already battered skin or fight. X encourages him to be empathetic. "She's like you," he tells his comrade. "She's just like you."

Needless to stay, Wolverine eventually reenters the fray, though Kinney doesn't appear to need much help, at least in this trailer. She's the strong silent type, quietly racking up a fearsome body count without saying a word.

Logan hits Australia theatres on March 2nd.


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