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Watch Jennifer Lawrence's Perfect World Dissolve in 'Mother!' Trailer


Jennifer Lawrence's idyllic life descends into madness in the new trailer for Darren Aronofsky's mother!

In mother!,Lawrence and Javier Bardem star as a couple living a tranquil country house. But things turn after a stranger (Ed Harris), shows up one night looking for a place to stay. His wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) arrives soon after, and in classic Aronofsky fashion, weirdness ensues.

Lawrence's character discovers blood dripping from the basement walls, as well as photographs of Bardem's character stashed in the stranger's luggage. More people begin to arrive at their house and as the psychological mayhem increases it becomes clear that Bardem's character is wrapped up in it as well. "All I'm trying to do is bring life into this house!" he howls. "Open the door to new people, new ideas!"

Mother! will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival before opening in Australia on October 12th.


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