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360 Shares 'Yesterday', First Track From Upcoming 'Vintage Modern' LP


360 Shares 'Yesterday', First Track From Upcoming 'Vintage Modern' LP

Hot on the heels of 360's triumphant show at Rolling Stone's Live Lodge on Wednesday night, the Melbourne rapper has released a new singe "Yesterday" and announced the release date for his new album Vintage Modern.

Vintage Modern is 360's fourth album and will be released on Oct 27. The first taste of the new album comes in the form of the hypnotic, acoustic rap of "Yesterday" featuring Sydney singer/songwriter Hein Cooper, a nod to 60's redemption and a fitting introduction to the sonic world of Vintage Modern.

360 explains the significance of "Yesterday", saying "I think it's quite common for people to have a falling out with a close friend of theirs. If their approach is to constantly talk shit about you and attempt to bring you down, take the higher ground. It can be hard but put all the bullshit behind you and genuinely wish them all the best. It might sound cliché but life's too short to hold on to all the negative shit, just move forward. If they hate, Show them love. Fuck holding grudges."

We've set some video highlights from Wednesday's Live Lodge show to the new single, view below. Check out the full version of "Yesterday" here.


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