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Watch Alexander Biggs Fight His Frustrations in 'Figure It Out' Video


This week, Melbourne crooner Alexander Biggs shared the punchy, reflective new track "Figure It Out", the first taste from his upcoming EP Still You Sharpen Your Teeth.

The accompanying clip — exclusively premiering today via Rolling Stone Australia — features Biggs facing the dilemma of making the perfect homemade lemonade mix, and then selling it at a makeshift stall (we've all at least considered the idea at some point). The songwriter's inner struggle is emphasised as he stands unsatisfied with one of his first cups, admitting "the more I try to run and hide, the more you're running through my veins". The steady stream of various, unimpressed customers pairs with the track's heavy drumbeat and bouncy guitar rhythms, building in parallel to Biggs' growing frustration as he slashes the price of his lemonade until he's forced to give it away. Finally, the musician quits entirely, letting his lemons and cups fly, before storming past a girl attempting to sell her own homemade concoction.

Tightly tying the lyrics together with the equally playful visuals completes the underlying metaphor that although we wrestle constantly with self-compromise on everyday issues, things often don't quite pan out the way we'd like it to.

While structured around the same honest melancholy as previous tracks "Tidal Wave" and "Out In The Dark", "Figure It Out" stems from a mindset of hopefulness, which Biggs confesses "is a bit different for me".

"I'm normally a lot more cynical," he relates. "It came from a place of understanding that everything will pass. Negative things will come at you, but they’ll be gone soon – and you’ll 'figure it out', so to speak."

Biggs is set to introduce Still You Sharpen Your Teeth at the upcoming Bigsound showcase, with the EP set to be released on Friday, September 15th.


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