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Ayla Takes Brooding Analysis to Glorious New Heights on 'Like The Other Kids'


Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Ayla looks set to carry-over the success of her breakthrough 2015 debut, When The World Ends, with assuring new track "Like The Other Kids", exclusively premiered today via Rolling Stone.

On "Like The Other Kids" Ayla strikes with an unprecedented level of confidence. Her adaptive vocals challenge the thunderous composition for supremacy, weaving from brooding introspection to brighter clearings of unfiltered pop glow. Instantly most appealing is the effortless flow between these two bookends, with the anthemic ambitions not masked but forcibly steered towards.

The accompanying video's nondescript storyline — rarely stretching beyond a documentation of our subject jaunting through a regional New South Wales ghost-town — forces the song to carry through on its own strength. It more than succeeds. As "Like The Other Kids" is a clearly commanding showcase, a defining unshackling of restraint via the discovery of the natural middle-ground between the artist's personal perspective and the beguiling qualities of her pop-skewed sound.

Ayla will officially launch the new single this weekend at a pair of headline shows, on Friday, October 21st at Sydney's Brighton Up Bar and at the Penny Black in Melbourne on Saturday, October 22nd.


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