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Ben Marwe, Bad//Dreems: "Come Into the World Naked, Go Out Naked"


Ben Marwe, Bad//Dreems: "Come Into the World Naked, Go Out Naked"

We catch up with Ben Marwe, singer/guitarist of pub rock revivalists, Bad//Dreems, to discuss everything from throwing tantrums to culinary regrets.

The last time I stole something
I stole some body lotion moisturiser from our hotel on the weekend. It smelt really good and made my face feel nice and clean. I think it's there to be stolen that stuff. If it's smaller than my hand I'm allowed to steal it.

The last thing I regretted eating
When we filmed our filmclip for "Hiding to Nothing" in Andamooka we played under this shed and it stunk like cat piss, and for some reason in front of all the locals I said, "If I'm going to come to Andamooka I may as well make myself a local by eating some dirt." And I put a whole handful of dirt in my mouth and it was the rankest thing I've ever tasted in my life.

The last time I tried to get something for free
I'd never do that, I feel too awkward about it. My girlfriend tries to do it but I can't do it. She gets angry at me 'cause I tip cab drivers too much or I put too much on for tips at the restaurant just 'cause I feel bad. I don't like getting stuff for free.

The last thing I'd do if the world was ending
I don't know why but I have to go with my first thought here, and for some reason my first thought was get naked. Come into the world naked, go out naked.

The last time I threw a tantrum
Three or four years ago. I used to throw so many tantrums. But now I've gotten a bit older I don't really do it anymore, I can't be bothered. When we were doing a tour with Children Collide in 2012 I used to have the worst tantrums sitting in the back seat [of the van]. Because we'd do the crossword or a quiz and I'd give an answer and someone would laugh at me, and then I'd throw the crossword out the window.

The last fight I had
I had a wrestle with a friend onstage in Adelaide at our gig. He came up onstage and just started grabbing me during a song, I think it was "Bogan Pride", and we started rolling around on the ground. It was just a friendly fight but there were a few punches thrown. The other guys just kept playing.

The last time I threw up
I usually never throw up but I did throw up onstage at the last Adelaide show two weeks ago. I wasn't drunk, I was genuinely exhausted. It was the end of the show, and I was so tired from screaming for an hour that I just turned around and threw up in front of the drum kit. I didn't know what to do, it just came up. I don't think anyone knew, it was a bit too chaotic.

The last thing I do before going onstage
We all give each other a kiss on the shoulder. It's a bit of a thing.

The last bad dream I had
Saturday night, I had a really awful dream. I think there was a lizard involved, and Alex [Cameron] our guitarist was doing something weird. I can't really remember the dream, but I remember waking up in a cold sweat. It was weird.

The last thing I had in my mouth
My finger, probably biting my nails or something like that.

The last time I was embarrassed
Pretty much every gig we play. I always walk off the stage thinking, why did I say that, or I should have said this at that point in time, or why did I look like a dickhead at this point in time?

The last band that blew me away
Yesterday when I heard the new Drones single, "Taman Shud". The lyrical content sums up everything I feel about Australia pretty much. It's a really good song.

The last time I forgot a lyric
Friday night. I just can't get "Blood In My Eyes" right. The verses are so similar and I always mix them up and jumble them up. I don't think people notice. I don't even know the lyrics for that song, I just say the same ones over and over again.


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