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Ball Park Music & San Cisco: 5 Best Things About Groovin The Moo


Ball Park Music & San Cisco: 5 Best Things About Groovin The Moo

Announced earlier today, the 2015 line-up for regional festival, Groovin The Moo, is once again an eclectic mix of artists including international superstars such as A$AP Ferg, Peaches and Charli XCX, as well as proven local festival crowd-pleasers such as Hilltop Hoods, Wolfmother and The Preatures.

The bill also includes a bunch of the best emerging local artists, including Ball Park Music and San Cisco, returning to the festival for a second stint after both featured as part of the 2012 line-up.

We spoke to Dean Hanson from Ball Park Music and Jordi Davieson from San Cisco about what makes the festival so special.

You Never Know Who You'll Run Into
Dean Hanson, Ball Park Music: Groovin The Moo in 2012 was one of our first national touring festivals. One of us ran into Chuck D from Public Enemy while we were playing totem tennis – enthusiastically going for a big forehand and backed into poor old Chuck D. He was apologetic, like, "Sorry I got in your zone, my bad." That was our first real brush with celebrity.

The Crowds Are Crazy
Jordi Davieson, San Cisco: We'd just put out "Awkward" and were on a bit of a roll, but it was [still] the biggest crowds we'd ever played to. I saw the size [of the crowd] at the first show and almost shat my dacks.

Dean: I think the Maitland crowd last time was the most memorable — ridiculous, crazy crowd. We saw a guy as we arrived jump the back fence to get away from security, and his pants got caught on the fence and he lost his pants and ran in. It just escalated from there.

Regional Tours Rule
Dean: The regional thing is great, and the all-ages thing is also a big drawing point for all the kids, they all come along and they're always super enthusiastic. It's also got a nice eclectic line up of bands. They've go their fair share of hip-hop and rock music. Last time we did it Parkway Drive played just before us, and we were followed by City and Colour. It was really good. We'd be setting up our gear, at the same time watching Parkway Drive. We'd get nice and pumped up for our set, it was cool.

Making New Friends, Catching Up With Old Friends
Jordi: We made a tonne of new friends, got to hang out with Matt Corby a fair bit and met Mutemath, who were just really great guys. The best thing is, everyone is just around backstage hanging out together most of the time. We even went down to the beach together on a day off when they put on this big lunch for us. Public Enemy guys were in the water and some of them were just yelling "watch out for the sharks" from the beach.

Dean: I'm looking forward to seeing all our old mates. We've been doing lots of shows with San Cisco and The Preatures over the last couple of years, so we get to catch up with them again. You're always hoping that people you're friends with are going to be on the bill, but then you look at all the other bands and think, it's basically three weeks of touring with the same people and you can't help but have a few too many beers and have a chat to whoever you walk past at any given moment.

Jordi: Because they need to get chartered flights between the shows, it was sometimes just a plane full of artists. The Public Enemy guys were down the front and then the other headliners and then the next — down the plane in order.

Canberra Gets Cold
Dean: The Canberra night in 2012 was freezing, it was about minus 2 degrees, and we ended up "discovering" that the ice that was in our rider didn't feel cold cos our hands were so frozen already. And we spent about an hour in the artist area throwing ice around like a cricket ball. We couldn't stop exclaiming that it didn't feel cold. Jen [Boyce] acts like our mum on tour a bit, she's the responsible one, and she said, "C'mon, guys, I think if you hang onto the ice for too long it will actually burn you. You don't want frost bite."

The full line-up for the 2015 Groovin The Moo:

A$AP Ferg (USA)
Ball Park Music
Broods (NZ)
Charli XCX (UK)
The Delta Riggs
Flight Facilities
Hilltop Hoods
Hot Dub Time Machine
Meg Mac
One Day
The Preatures
RL Grime
San Cisco
Sticky Fingers
Tkay Maidza
You Met At Six


Saturday, April 25: Oakbank (ANZAC Day)
Oakbank Racecourse, Oakwood Road, Oakbank, SA

Sunday, April 26: Bunbury (ANZAC Day Long Weekend)
Hay Park (off) Parade Rd Bunbury, WA

Saturday, May 2: Bendigo
Bendigo's Prince Of Wales Showground, Holmes Rd, Bendigo, VIC

Sunday, May 3: Canberra
University of Canberra, Kirinari St, Bruce, ACT

Saturday, May 9: Maitland
Maitland Showground, Blomfield St, Maitland, NSW

Sunday, May 10: Townsville
Murray Sports Complex – Townsville Cricket Grounds
Mervyn Crossman Dr & Murray Lyons Cres, Idalia QLD


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