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Benny Walker Attacks Mental Illness on Soulful New Track 'Oh No You Don't'


Victorian singer-songwriter Benny Walker has unveiling a striking new track, "Oh No You Don't", his first new music since the acclaimed Sinners and Saints LP in 2013.

As the composition for "Oh No You Don't" takes shape — transferring from commanding piano minimalism to an orchestral drama — as does Walker's own soulful embrace. Beginning with insecure murmurs he finds his vocal stride, striking through with clarity and the commanding call: "I'm ready".

"'Oh No You Don't' is written as a triumph over, and a big 'F you' to mental illness", Walker says, adding that it's about "feeling that you've learnt to be one step ahead of anxiety, knowing the familiar warning signs and using your own experience to deal with it."

The cathartic process is documented in the song's video that — although depicting a fairly straight-forward performance scene — shows the singer's confidence rise, vulnerable solitariness shifted to the studio and band rehearsals as the song itself takes shape.

Walker will head on tour to officially launch the new single next month, details via his website.


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