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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Preview New LP With Raucous 'Little Thing Gone Wild'


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club return to their trademark sound – scuzzy bass, slurry, heavily processed vocals and shrieking guitars – on "Little Thing Gone Wild," the caustic first taste of their upcoming Wrong Creatures album. 

Each member battles for the listener's attention in "Little Thing Gone Wild." Leah Shapiro smacks out crushing drum patterns, Peter Hayes' guitar is rudely high in the mix, and Robert Levon Been's bass playing is terse and pushy. The track was produced by Nick Launay, a veteran with four decades of recording experience, including stints behind the boards for Public Image Ltd, Gang of Four and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"Little Thing Gone Wild" is slated to appear on Wrong Creatures, the band's first new LP since 2013. "I find myself writing about death a lot," said Hayes in a statement. "I find myself having a discussion with death, which sounds dark. For me, it's dark humour."

Other band members also chipped in with their own cryptic rock and roll pronouncements, hinting at the troubled headspace the band was in as they started to work on their new record. "It's a crazy-making machine, it can chew you up good," Been noted, presumably referring to the music business. "We literally toured till the wheels came off and Leah's brain literally started leaking out of her head. I know I've battled on and off with mental depression, and Pete's head never came with any proper instructions."

"We are truly an island, come hell or high water, so it's usually best to dress accordingly," Been added in a seeming non sequitur. "Though I'm not sure what the proper attire is when drowning in fire. But leather usually goes with everything."


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