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Charli XCX on Trump Nightmares, Tantrums and Sharing Her Phone Number Online


Charli XCX on Trump Nightmares, Tantrums and Sharing Her Phone Number Online

British pop star, Charli XCX, talks us through her own list of lasts, including stories of the movie that makes her cry and venturing out of her depth.

The last time I thought, "I'm in trouble now"
I was just out shopping in Sydney, and I spent a stupid amount of money on some shoes that I definitely didn't need from Miu Miu, and I feel like my brain was telling me 'no', but my heart was saying 'yes'. I was like, oh shit, I'm in trouble with myself, and my bank account.

The last time I threw a tantrum
I threw a really bad tantrum when I was on a conference call with my record label, and there was someone who was telling me I need to be more friendly and approachable, so they had this idea that once a week I should pose with animals on Instagram. So I threw a fucking huge tantrum, and then the next day took a photo with a dog and was like, "Here's a photo of me and a dog which I'm posting because my label told me I need to be more approachable." And they were like, "OK, maybe she shouldn't take photos with animals anymore."

The last time I was starstruck
When I passed Bill Murray in the lobby of a hotel in L.A. and he was like, "Oh, I like your shoes." And I have a crush on Bill Murray, and I basically had a breakdown and ran in the opposite direction. I didn't really know what to do.

The last time I was mistaken for someone else
Two or three years ago, I was in a car getting driven to a late night studio session in LA. and the driver pulled up at the studio and was like, "Before you get out, I just have to say, you're a singer, right?" And he was like, "I love your song 'Royals', it's so good. You're Lorde right?" And I was just like, OK, I'm just gonna go with it. He was like, "Can I have your autograph?" So I just signed something saying "Thanks for all the support, love Lorde."

The last time I cried
During The Secret Life of Pets [spoiler warning! - Ed.] when the big dog tries to go back to his owner and the owner's dead.

The last body part I signed
I signed a hairy chest when I was in Mexico doing a show. Which is not as cool as signing boobs. I've signed boobs in the past.

The last time someone quoted my lyrics back at me
I would say "Fancy" is the one that happens the most. If I see someone on the street they might just be like [sings] "I'm so fancy" and point at me in a weird kind of way and I'm like, "Yeah, cool", and I'll be like dressed like shit, not looking very fancy at all but probably looking really hungover. So it's kind of embarrassing.

The last time I swore at the tele
I was watching the original Batman, with Jack Nicholson. I'm pretty sure I swore out loud a lot in that because I kind of am into Jack Nicholson as the Joker in like a sexy way. I was like, "Fuck, he's hot."

The last time I felt out of my depth
I was recently performing on Australian X-Factor. I don't know if I'd say out of my depth, but it was just like a whole new world of the music industry that I have not really experienced before. You know like the way that the contestants are, and the way that it's for TV more than for music. And it was really interesting to be around it, I kind of felt like the naughty kid who was doing everything wrong.

The last time I googled myself
Ten minutes before we got on this phone call. It's a habit. Everybody's like, "Oh, I don't do it", but they do. They're lying if they say they don't.

The last nightmare I had
The night Donald Trump was elected I dreamt that one of his supporters had said something really racist about my mum, because my mum is from Uganda, she's Indian. And I went crazy and beat this person up, like full-on. And then he tried to sue me and it became like this half-suing, half-election dream where I had to give speeches and campaign to not be sued. It was really weird. I woke up and was like, "Aaahhhh what's happening? Am I being sued? I don't know!"

The last time someone was rude to me
I have this phone at the moment called the Angel Phone, which is a phone for all of my fans, and I put the number online so anyone and everyone can hit me up. And obviously it's really great, but I also do get, like, weird dick pics, and messages from haters. But it's fine. It's mainly love. Which is great.

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