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Dune Rats vs Laneway Festival


Backstage, side of stage and way past the stage of self-disciplined inebriation cut-off, this is an all-access summary of Brisbane bong-riding bros, Dune Rats, from last weekend's pair of Laneway Festival shows.

In true Dune Rats form, on their returned edit of this video the band cut out the mild profanity in the opening scene but chose to leave a pair of lingering c-bombs. So (and it probably goes without saying) this one is almost certainly not safe for public broadcast in your place of employment.

You can catch the Dunies at the remaining Laneway dates — today in Adelaide, tomorrow in Melbourne and Sunday in Fremantle — as well as the Party In The Paddock festival in Launceston on February 21. The band will also be playing shows throughout the UK and Europe from March. Full itinerary of those dates here.


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