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Exclusive Stream: Fascinator's debut album, 'Man'


Exclusive Stream: Fascinator's debut album, 'Man'

Johnny Mackay the former vocalist/guitarist of Children Collide has been holed up in New York carving out his new solo project, Fascinator. After delivering the stirringly charming single, "Time To Go" earlier this month, psych-experimentalist, Fascinator is back with his debut full-length release, Man.

Following the tone set by previously released singles "Dead of the Night" and "The Traveller", Man provides a cohesive collection of beautifully constructed experimental tracks complete with harmonic organs and tranquil vocals throughout.

Co-produced by Darren Seltmann of The Avalanches, Man was conceived between Sydney’s cultural hub Newtown and the NSW Blue Mountains region. The eccentric aesthetic of the album pays homage to electronic revolutionary Kraftwerk, as well as the avant-garde John Maus, Clara Mondshine and Ariel Pink.

Man is out via Spinning Top Records from Friday, 29th January 2016 and is available on iTunes.


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