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First Listen: Bats 'Truthless Faithless'


First Listen: Bats 'Truthless Faithless'

Perth's Bats are set to release their debut album Truthless Faithless on October 20th, with the entire release available to stream from today via Rolling Stone Australia.

Bookended by the bi-polar pair of title tracks — the thunderous lead single "Truthless" and the haunting, acoustic ballad closer "Faithless" — across the album's eleven tracks, the rock quintet — led by W.A. rock royal Micahel Paver (The Slim Pickins, Scotch Of Saint James) — not only sample a wide rock spectrum from psych to sludge, but actively dismantle and reassemble various genre elements to craft a sound all their own.

On "Tarantula" they split a swirling loop of builds and big guitars into jolting segments, while "Beirut" spikes a "cup of tea" with a shot of Jack; a punk-snarl dilution of Brit-pop charm that's re-purposed again on the aptly-titled "BIG", where the colony outpost accent is smeared from the long-gone private school starts with strained pleas to "free my soul". Follow-up "Snaffles" takes this one size bigger, with the band showing stadium-sized ambitions amongst the same merge of sludge and psych they elsewhere shift in both directions — to a more melodic space on "Alexus Nexus" and further into the gutter on "Freedom". With the latter's chaser, "24 Hours", carrying through that guitar lead, but instead pulling it towards classic '90s indie-rock territory.

While maintaining some fragments of commonality — the collision between Trail of Dead levels of epic end-of-the-world emotional investment and lip-curled rock swagger — Truthless Faithless is eclectically arranged, but rather than simply smashing everything together in experimental fashion, Paver and Co. cleverly connect the genre dots with sewn-in threads that run through the entire record.

Listen to Truthless Faithless below:

Bats are set to launch the record at The Odd Fellow in Fremantle on November 18th. The $15 door tickets will also get you a redeemable download card for Truthless Faithless.


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