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First Listen: FOREVR 'Classics'/'Death Is A Miracle'


First Listen: FOREVR 'Classics'/'Death Is A Miracle'

Brisbane quartet FOREVR are set to release a double set of debuts on August 11th, with the two distinctly different LPs — Classics and Death Is A Miracle. Both of which are available to stream in full from today, exclusively via Rolling Stone Australia.

While unified by a similar cinematic scale and Sam George-Allen's arresting vocals, Classics and Death Is A Miracle offer two sides of the band's experimental personality. Classics is closest aligned to their shoegaze starting point, with a pop palette layered with various darker tones — ranging from the prominent, pulsating thuds of the appropriately titled "Heavy Fog" to the brooding, minimalist ballad "Columbus" and its counterpoint chaser, the bubbling wide-eyed and optimistic "Yucaten". Elsewhere, "True" allows classic rock riffs to rise to the surface, "Billie" gives George-Allen her deserved spotlight moment (albeit brief) over a stripped-back synth pulse, while closer "Chandelier" is decluttered to a similar point of clarity, providing the vocalist with little more than the hum of guitar feedback to operatically stretch over.

On the flipside, Death Is A Miracle takes an altogether more electronic — and distinctly less measured — approach. Strikingly abrasive, the nine tracks sample everything from no-bullshit techno ("V.E.M.") to hacked Euro-dance euphoria ("Hologram") to the short-lived witch house sub-genre ("Halogen Glass"), each suffocating George-Allen's contribution behind a constant, glitchy grind of warped analogue tech. That paradox plays out in sci-fi levels of drama, adapting a classic angelic vs. aggressor angle to a struggle between the sincere, human emotion of the central characters and the significantly more prominent catastrophic setting.

Classics and Death Is A Miracle are both available to pre-order now via FOREVR's Bandcamp, and stream in full below.


Death Is A Miracle:


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