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First Listen: Ladi6 'Guru' Remixes


First Listen: Ladi6 'Guru' Remixes

To coincide with their Australian tour, Ladi6 are releasing three remixes of their single 'Guru'. The band – vocalist Ladi, beatmaker/producer Parks, drummer/producer Julien Dyne and keyboardist/producer Brandon Haru – have teamed up with producers 10A, Karriem Riggins and Plutonic Lab to put their own spin on the track.

New Zealand producer 10A's experimental style appealed to the band and has been on their want-to-collaborate-with list for awhile. "We've been wanting to work with 10A for ages," says Ladi. "He is a very old friend of ours from East Christchurch and I think this very stripped-back, slick vibe remix was so worth the wait with its huge drum-sound combined with futurist style synths."

While 10A opted for synths, US producer Karriem Riggins (who has written and produced for artists Erykah Badu, Common, J Dilla, The Roots and Kanye West), approached the song differently, implementing a raw African-inspired drum kit and guitar sample. The final remix is by Australian producer Plutonic Lab, who looked to deep electro funk vibes for his riff on the track. 

Tour Dates
Thursday 13th July - Hudson Ballroom, Sydney
Friday 14th July - The Foundry, Brisbane
Saturday 15th July - Belleville, Melbourne
Tickets available here.


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