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First Listen: MTNS 'Like a Stone'


First Listen: MTNS 'Like a Stone'

True to its title, "Waves" — the previously-released lead on Like A Stone, the new EP from Brisbane trio MTNS — shifts between calming stills and crushing impact, pleas of assistance from shore-stayed others and the pleasures of pure isolation; a sinking, full emersion acceptance. "Slow Motion" is equally invested in duality — here, euphoria and despair — shifting from the silky grinds of late-nights to the determined morning-after dig out of the sinkhole you created. While the EP's back-half features a pair of new ones — the brutally atmospheric, "Aes Sedai", that climaxes with cheerless fireworks, a perfect articulating of loneliness (see also: this) and the standout title track, where unashamedly over-the-pop elements sit side-by-side with solitary, reflective thuds.

Above all else, Like a Stone is not only an emotionally, and stylistically, eclectic four-pack, but a notable display of maturity, leaping forward from the fidgeting (but altogether linear) focus of their previous effort, Salvage. The sharp shifts between light and dark, pop and rhythm-n-glitch remain, but this time are led by more organic elements rather than pre-programmed steps, giving a great sense of spontaneity throughout.

"A big part of our new development was experimenting with sounds and attempting to bring the 'live, natural and band feel' to the electronic scene," the trio explain of the shift towards more traditional instrumentation. The band's obvious excitement towards this new approach can be heard throughout Like a Stone, the trio adding that the focus of the EP was to "manipulate natural elements by blending them with the electronic sounds."

Listen to 'Like A Stone' in full below:


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