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First Listen: The Ahern Brothers


First Listen: The Ahern Brothers

The Ahern Brothers debut album is a rich slice of Americana, inspired by a trip around the USA, but recorded in  Melbourne. Josh Rennie-Hynes and Steve Grady formed The Ahern Brothers after a trip to the United States. With the help of engineer and producer Roger Bergodaz, the resulting album, tracked completely live over two days, captures the spirit and real performance of each song, with strictly no overdubs.

“Steve and I hadn’t written anything together before, but as soon as we got to San Francisco we pulled out our guitars, and the songs just came pouring out,” Rennie-Hynes said.  “We’d wake up, make a Coffee and work on writing a song for that day. At the end of three weeks, we had a bunch of material that we were so proud of.”

The lead single "Comb That River" evokes the delicate harmonies of the Everly Brothers and the acoustic swagger of Fleet Foxes, making the Ahern Brothers one to watch for fans of the Americana and roots genres.

For info and tickets for the Ahern Brothers' National Tour, hit their website.


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