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Five For Friday: POND, B Wise, The Cassandras, Lurch and Chief, The Smith Street Band


Five For Friday: POND, B Wise, The Cassandras, Lurch and Chief, The Smith Street Band

Our favourite (all Australian) songs from the week.

POND "Elvis' Flaming Star"
Contradicting isolated moments of echoed orbiting with over-crowded chaotic all-in galactic orgies, "Elvis' Flaming Star" is the appropriate introduction to POND's evolution away from this humble planet called Perth and deep into a new cosmos. It's the first single from their aptly-titled new album, Man It Feels Like Space Again, due out in January.

B Wise "Like You"
More wise than real and less drowning in bongs than that other bloke as well. It's B Wise's sagacity — and his decision to take "hits of Victoria Bitter" instead of the sticky — that's most likely responsible for the ideal timing of this splash of summer, a laid-back hip-hop track dedicated to casual love encounters and the shrugs associated with the inevitable romantic dissipation. We're hoping to hear loads more from this Sydney MC in the not-too-distant future.

The Cassandras "Cut Your Sleeves"
Apparently the future of this nation are defining the carefree notes of this music as "sugarpop". Also, they're slicing off the sleeves of their tees and doing similar haberdashery hacking to the music of the 1980s, taking the magnificent glistening campness of the disco pop era and sewing it right into their stained cut-off denims and vintage hawaiian shirts. This brilliant track is from the group's debut EP, due out sometime soon via new Adelaide-based label Badhaus.

Lurch & Chief "Keep It Together"
With all the up-beat music contained with this rundown so far we feel obliged as citizens of reality to remind you all that the world is a terrifying place that'll most likely drag your defenceless frame into a dark space and swallow you whole. Right on cue, here's the all-engulfing new single from Melbourne's Lurch & Chief. The track will be released as part of a double a-side 7" on November 7, with digital pre-orders available now via iTunes.

The Smith Street Band "I Don't Want To Die Anymore"
What better to close out your Friday than with the positive perspective of Australia's king of pub poetry, Wil Wagner? Once more, it's his unique gift of unison that powers this track. By the time this episode closes out we're all convinced that the title should have a "we" in place of the "I" and that, whilst we never knew we had those specific thoughts to begin with, we've all been successfully talked down from that metaphorical ledge and back into a more pragmatic position. "I Don't Want To Die Anymore" is the second single — following on from the fantastic "Surrender" — off the band's new album, Throw Me In The River, due out on October 28 and available to pre-order now via Poison City.

Pond image above by Ben Montero.


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