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Five For Friday: REMI, Slow Chase, The Smith Street Band, Unity Floors, Eaten By Dogs


Five For Friday: REMI, Slow Chase, The Smith Street Band, Unity Floors, Eaten By Dogs

From pill-popping hip-hop to cowboy sorrow in five steps. Is that path even possible? Move your scrollable eye-lids downward to find out as we journey through some of the best new music from the week.

REMI - XTC Party
Comparing a dingbat destination to the limitations of yesteryear gaming consoles might seem like the work of long bow enthusiasts, but local up-and-coming rapper, REMI, makes it work, spiralling down memory lane with an effortless glide of consciousness before falling head first into a hypnotic hallucination. "XTC Party" is the latest single from his Raw X Infinity mixtape. You can also catch REMI performing as part of our Live Lodge 'Future Is Now' Showcase this October.

Slow Chase - Exorcism
"Don't call it an exorcism, can't live with the ecstasy pain". Swaggering full-throttle rockers offering REMI the comedown solution he's now probably searching for — a fully body demon eviction. The new balls-out single from Australia/UK trio Slow Chase is officially out in October, with launch shows planned around the release. Head here for dates and details.

The Smith Street Band - Surrender
The Smith Street Band's brand of triumphant punk rock is renown for causing jubilant fist pumps regardless of the environment, hence we've made the conscious decision to place their latest single in the middle of this audio five-pack. The hope is that, playing to your fear of possibly missing out on discovering more enjoyable stuff in the second half of this page, you'll hopefully restrain from booting down two-thirds of your cubicle compound and raising all possible limbs skyward as the bellowing hook comes in. Actions which would almost certainly see you canned from your place of employment and thus not have the required funds to purchase The Smith Street's forthcoming new album Throw Me In The River on October 28, or attend any of the shows on their November tour. Self-control saves. So hold yourself together, don't surrender and head over to the band's website for tour tickets.

Unity Floors - Hold Music
"I'm in a trance, you're insane". Sydney duo, Unity Floors, continue to showcase their masterful ability to craft instantly memorable lyrics with economical simplicity. They'll be playing a bunch of shows for the release of this new single — their contribution to a new split 7" with Chook Race — early next month. Check their Bandcamp for dates and details.

Eaten By Dogs - Fallen Not Broken
Cut from a similarly quotable piece of Aussie stitch-work, the debut self-titled release from alt-country blokes Eaten By Dogs is a wonderful blend of self-depreciating sorrow, hopeful rejuvenation and reflective glances. Much of which is visually bottled in the clip for the latest single, "Fallen Not Broken".


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