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Five Things We Learned At Bigsound 2014 (Day Two)


Five Things We Learned At Bigsound 2014 (Day Two)

Still alive after the opening day, here's our highlights from the second day of Bigsound.

1. Steve Kilbey: Not A Duran Duran Fan
The day kicked off with a keynote Q&A with The Church, hosted by Rolling Stone's Michael Dwyer. With guitarist Peter Koppes unable to attend, drummer Tim Powles, new guitarist Ian Haug (ex-Powderfinger) and frontman Steve Kilbey gathered to chat about all aspects of their career, including their notorious volatility. One highlight? Kilbey recounting the time in the Eighties when their overseas record label paid 30,000 Pounds for them to support Duran Duran throughout the UK and Europe, only for the singer to pull the plug five dates in, declaring simply, "Fuck this, I'm not doing it anymore.” "There was no point,” he said. "There was no way you could get their audience.” Easy come easy go.

2. Ian Haug Has Re-Energised The Legendary Outfit
On the cusp of releasing their new studio album, Kilbey also talked about the impact Ian Haug has had on the band, saying "We had a big blood transfusion when Ian joined. When we create we have a fire.” Haug's presence has also calmed the volatility, with Kilbey stating "it's less likely World War 3 is going to break out now”. Which is a relief.

3. The Role Of Record Reviews Is Changing
Renowned video blogger, online reviewer and self-styled "busiest nerd' on the Internet Anthony Fantano – whose YouTube channel has had more than 60 million views – delivered a speech outlining his method of reviewing and whether album reviews have any relevance in this day and age. The answer? While reviewers used to be "gatekeepers”, telling people what was good and bad, music is so readily available these days that people can easily access new releases and make up their own minds. The future of reviewing is simply to act as a guide or a filter, and to point people in the direction of what they should be listening to amongst the thousands of albums released every year.


4. Even Hungover, Kingswood Rock
Having had next to no sleep following their headline appearance at the JBL Stage last night, the Melbourne rockers backed up for a 1.30pm slot in the Bigsound Village. Not even the baking sun could prevent them from racing through a selection of songs from their new album, Microscopic Wars, with vocalist Fergus Linacre resplendent in vintage Britney Spears T-shirt. Also appearing at the Village were Thelma Plum and Holy Holy, proving once again that Bigsound has the best lunch time entertainment in Australia.


5. The breadth and depth of Australian music is greater than it's ever been.
At any one point during the night you could see bands traversing myriad genres across The Valley's venues, all to packed rooms – from the dirty and deranged rock of Brisbane outfit Hits to the ethereal synth sounds of Airling, REMI's old school hip-hop to the funk-laced Olympic Ayres, Australian music has many identities, all of them flourishing.


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