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Frank Iero on Having Tea with Brian May, Being Mistaken for Story Of The Year


Frank Iero on Having Tea with Brian May, Being Mistaken for Story Of The Year

Ex-My Chemical Romance guitarist — now leader of the Patience — talks us through his list of lasts, including tales of tattoos, regrets and collecting drum heads for his kids.

All words below by Frank Iero.

The last time I said, "Don't you know who I am?"
"[Laughs] Never seriously. Maybe to my kids: "I'm your father, don't you know who I am?!" But that would be the only time."

The last time I got a tattoo
"I've been working on finishing my back. It's Pharaoh's Horses, like three horse heads, it symbolises change, and there's a border of these snakes coming around, and then there's these two opposing skulls on the top. It's a full piece. Do I enjoy getting tattooed? I like every couple of months or years, changing yourself completely. But then you get in the chair and you're like, why the fuck am I doing it? [Laughs] The lower part of the back, close to the crack, that pain was unbelievable."

The last time I asked someone for their autograph
"Whenever I tour with a band I get a drum head and I have the band sign it for my kids. I started when my [twin] girls were born, so I've collected quite a few – Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, you name it. They're not old enough to really appreciate it, but I think they will. Hopefully they won't hawk them for drugs later on!"

The last time I was mistaken for someone else
"I was in My Chem at the time, we were on the Nintendo Fusion tour. It was us and a lot of bands, and one of the people who worked at the venue was like, listen, there's this group of kids here, one of their friends passed away, he was a huge fan of your band, and they made these T-shirts, and they're all wearing these shirts and they want to give you a T-shirt and tell you about their friend. We're like, 'Absolutely, bring them backstage and we'd love to talk to them.' So these kids come back, they're sombre but at the same time very excited, and they're very excited about the memory of their friend, and they're like, 'You guys were his favourite band, we just want you to know that your song 'Until The Day I Die' was his favourite song." And we were like [whispers], 'That's not our song. We're not Story of the Year." And they're like, 'Ooooh, can we have the T-shirt back?!' [Laughs] You can't write shit like that!"

The last time I photographed my food
"I was in Russia. There were these weird dumplings that had stewed cherries in them, it was insane, it was like this warm savoury desert. It looked like a dog had vomited, but it was so tasty. I had to take a picture and send it to my wife like, "You have no idea what the fuck I'm eating, this is crazy!"

The last time I was starstruck
"We got to play with [Queen guitarist] Brian May, he played with My Chem when we headlined Reading and Leeds [in 2011]. We actually got to go to his house and practice. To meet someone that is a living legend, a genius, someone you've been so inspired by and doesn't even seem like a real person anymore, to go to their house and them then make tea for you, that's fucked up. Something about it just didn't compute. I've met a lot of people I've wanted to meet, and some of them have disappointed me and some have just gone above and beyond any expectations, and he was one of the good ones."

The last time I did something I regretted
"We all have those moments where you have a rough morning getting kids ready for school, and this happened just recently. [My daughter] Lily was trying to tell me something but I was working with [my other daughter] Cherry on her homework, and [my son] Miles had his school start earlier so we had to get him out, and I yelled at Lily. What I meant to say was, 'Not right now', and I said, 'I don't care'', and I felt so fucking terrible about it all day long. When she came home from school I almost started to cry: 'That's not what I meant!'"

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