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Future Is Now: Cherry Glazerr


Future Is Now: Cherry Glazerr

For our regular Future Is Now column we profile the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the Internet or just dominating our office stereos.

SOUNDS LIKE: Peeling off the last sunburn of summer until your skin is raw: psychedelic-punk for the eternally bummed.

FOR FANS OF: Warpaint, Blonde Redhead, Speedy Ortiz

WHY YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION: After bursting into the Burger Records garage-rock scene in 2014, Cherry Glazerr have been pushing their way to the front of bigger crowds. Led by singer-guitarist Clementine Creevy, the group recently toured with Best Coast and Wavves. Creevy also cannonballed into Death Grips' Bottomless Pit earlier this year with the unhinged hook for "Giving Bad People Good Ideas".

Now, filled out by drummer Tabor Allen and multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth, Cherry Glazerr – a moniker riffing on the name of a KCRW radio host – arrive with their sophomore collection Apocalipstick. It retains the standoffishness of their beginnings, be it a propulsive love/hate relationship with anti-9-to-5-ers called "Trash People" or the tender death ballad "Nuclear Bomb".Sessions at Hollywood’s Sunset Sound with Joe Chiccarelli (the Strokes) and Carlos de la Garza (Bleached) cut deeper sonically and emotionally.

THEY SAY: "I was doing a guitar solo yesterday," Creevy says. "Instead of playing all the notes in the scale, I started to get super out with it – faster and faster and faster. I started to get wet and excited. I was like, "Holy shit." I was losing myself. My whole body started shaking and I could feel it in my toes. I live for that feeling. Ever since I started singing and writing songs. It comes from a basic place of necessity. Eating, fucking, playing guitar.

"I love [Death Grips]. I love how indifferent they are about formula and bullshit rules in the music industry. I was so excited [to collaborate]... I got into their studio and riffed on the mic a little bit. They’re so weird and dark and sexy. It was kind of erotic because I kind of have a crush on all of them. All the lights were turned off in the recording booth. It was super fun."

HEAR FOR YOURSELF: "Nurse Ratched" is a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-inspired cyanide pill of creepy punk with a dream-pop glucose coating.


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