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Future Is Now: Code Orange


Future Is Now: Code Orange

For our regular Future Is Now column we profile the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the Internet or just dominating our office stereos.

SOUNDS LIKE: Grimy, brooding, arty hardcore

FOR FANS OF: Converge, Nine Inch Nails, the Dillinger Escape Plan

WHY YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION: In the lead-up to the January release of their third album, Forever, the band earned praise from aboveground outlets including NPR as well as fellow adventurous headbangers such as the Dillinger Escape Plan and Deftones, who nabbed Code Orange to open for them. "The super positive feedback is an unreal cherry on top for us," says drummer-vocalist Jami Morgan. "I feel it's a record that has something for a lot of different groups of people, but you never know if that will be picked up on or not."

Formed under the name Code Orange Kids when the band members were just 14 and 15 years old, this Pennsylvanian quartet dropped the "Kids" in 2014, foreshadowing the darker, deeper, more diverse sound. Forever seamlessly juxtaposes mosh-fuelling crushers like the title cut with industrial downward spirals ("Hurt Goes On") and flannel-shrouded alt-rock ("Bleeding in the Blur", which cracked Spotify's Viral 50 chart).

THEY SAY: Code Orange made headlines in the metal press last year, first when the band shared a video of Asking Alexandria on Facebook and called them out for their "fake rockstar mentality", and then in December, when Morgan was quoted saying that his group didn't want to tour with "bargain bin fucking deathcore bands".

"I feel some of what I've said has been misrepresented, and in the case of the only band I ever spoke the name of, it had nothing to do with their music as I've never heard it," Morgan says now. "I do think that bigger artists that play to 12 year olds have some level of responsibility not to intentionally implant horrible human values in those children's heads. And when it comes to heavy music, most of what's considered close to 'mainstream' simply doesn't appeal to us, and we offer an alternative. I think people are going to find that alternative."

HEAR FOR YOURSELF: Guitarist Reba Meyers – one of Code Orange's three vocalists – takes centre stage on grungy Forever standout (and the band's poppiest song yet) "Bleeding in the Blur".


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