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Future Is Now: Sabrina Lawrie


Future Is Now: Sabrina Lawrie

For our regular Future Is Now column we profile the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the Internet or just dominating our office stereos.

SOUNDS LIKE: A matte-black, heavily tinted 1971 Dodge Charger – equally capable of a low purr as she is a full-throated roar.

FOR FANS OF: Masters Of Reality, Kyuss, PJ Harvey, anything with dark guitars, heavy on the fuzz, but with a true understanding of light amongst the shade.

WHY YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION: Lawrie is no stranger to the scene – she's fronted cult underground Brisbane bands Tongue and Little Vegas and the Fuzz Parade, and was a member of U.S.-based supergroup the Silver Chords, which featured members of Cat Power and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Current band the Hunting Party have been active in one form or another for over a decade, and it's with this unit that Lawrie has found a vehicle to showcase her own writing and guitar playing, bringing to light her unique take on rock & roll on debut album Hush the Mountain.

SHE SAYS: "Looking through the darkness to find the light is very important, and that's what the premise is, underneath [these songs]. This album started originally as a rock record... but I've always crossed genres, I've always had these others songs in the background, and I'd softened as a person; I fell back in love with my old songs that I'd left behind. And Darek [Mudge, producer] helped me bring them into a new light."

HEAR FOR YOURSELF: Hush the Mountain is an album which stretches out luxuriously, a dexterous melding of menacing and low, with light and clear. Start with lead single "No Rules" and go from there.


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