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Future Is Now: Slumberjack


Future Is Now: Slumberjack

For our regular Future Is Now column we profile the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the Internet or just dominating our office stereos.

SOUNDS LIKE: Chill electronica, liable to drop some serious bass or searing synth at any second.

FOR FANS OF: Flume, the Chainsmokers, Safia

WHY YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION: 2016 saw this Perth-based duo collaborate with Daniel Johns, play a national festival run and hit the iTunes charts; 2017 sees them on the line-up for Groovin the Moo, dropping their new EP Fracture, dominating the Triple J playlists with their Vera Blue collab of the same name, and kicking off an Aus/NZ tour. Slumberjack manage to be ridiculously on trend and daringly themselves all at once, with an eclectic palette of world music samples, EDM beats, radio-friendly refrains and skull-rattling bass drops, all splashed across a canvas of cinematic scope. Whether you find yourself swept away, drowning, awestruck or enveloped, this is music that will move and immerse you, and – fair warning – may blow your subwoofer.

THEY SAY: "We hate to sound like that guy, but we noticed Vera [Blue] a while back," says Fletcher Ehlers. "We went and saw one of her first shows in Perth and really loved her angelic voice, so naturally we got in touch. We love to jump into studios with songwriters who are not necessarily producers, otherwise we get so bogged down in technical stuff that nothing ends up happening. First we usually just hang out, grab coffee and become friends before we become colleagues. From there, sometimes things come about, sometimes they don't; you can't rush art. We're really happy with where the process has landed us – everything we've done up to now has been honing the Slumberjack sound and this EP is the kind of sound we've been trying to achieve since we started. I guess you could call it Slumberjack 2.0!"

HEAR FOR YOURSELF: The shattered beats and jagged synths of "Fracture" contrast sharply with the crystalline voice of Vera Blue, resulting in a single that has as much pop sensibility as it does explosive experimentation.


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