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Gang of Youths' David Le'aupepe: "I'm Drunk a Lot, It's Really Bad"


Gang of Youths' David Le'aupepe: "I'm Drunk a Lot, It's Really Bad"

Last month, Gang Of Youths released Let Me Be Clear, a six-track EP that serves as a chapter-closer for the issues explored on their 2015 debut The Positions, an album Rolling Stone praised at the time as an "astonishing LP".

We recently caught up with frontman David Le'aupepe to talk through his own list of 'lasts', including stories of punching bandmates, vegan maintenance and crying during 'Zootopia'.

All words below by David Le'aupepe.

The last song I listened to
"A new demo off our [next] album. It's about how I'm totally incapable of loving or trusting people. I have so much trouble listening to other music when I'm in writing mode, because I'm a jealous, petty, competitive motherfucker and I hate everything. If it's good, I'll hate it 'cause I'll be jealous. If it's bad, I'll hate it even more because I hate bad writing."

The last meal I cooked
"An omelette, yesterday. I'm a terrible fucking cook, the worst that you could possibly imagine. The omelette came out really cheesy and really peppery."

The last time I swore at the telly
"Yesterday. Not for any reason, I just swear at the television. 'Fuck you, Kerri-Anne.'; 'Fuck you, Richard.'"

The last time I was recognised on the street
"Yesterday. It's fucking bizarre 'cause it's started happening a lot more recently. Earlier this year I started having fucking full-on panic attacks and I had to call my therapist. It has nothing to do with the sweet people who do it, it has everything to do with my own weird sense of self-loathing."

The last time I wore fancy dress
"I don't wear fancy dress. I go to parties dressed as Dave Le'aupepe.

The last time I was drunk
"A couple of days ago. I was in the lounge at LAX and decided to get fucked up. It was great. I'm drunk a lot, it's really bad. I should be in the program but I'm not.

The last time I cried
"[Watching]Zootopia. I'm a crier. Until my marriage started breaking down I had cried maybe once in my whole life, and that was when my ex-wife was re-diagnosed with cancer. After that
I just started falling apart. I
realised two things: I'm not
as fucking strong as I want
to be and maybe will be. And
 the second thing is like, why
 the fuck am I holding it in? I don't wanna die regretting 
not letting out emotions as
they're happening.

The last time I ate something 
I regretted
"I ate fish the other day and I felt bad, given [I'm a] vegetarian. But in my defence, my mum bought me this tuna, and I felt really bad about not eating it. My mum's so sweet, so I was like, oh fuck it.

The last thing I do before going onstage
"I warm up and pray for a good show. I don't know who I'm praying to. Sometimes it's Jesus, sometimes it's myself."

The last time I questioned my career choice
"This morning. The day before that, the day before that, the day before that. And the week before that. I think I question my career choice every fucking day.

The last time I punched a bandmate
"I nearly punched Max [Dunn, bass] the other week. But none of us has ever thrown down. I wanted to punch Max so bad. We just grate on each other. I was a dick to him, he was a dick to me.

The last time I was starstruck
"The idea of being starstruck is foreign to me because it's implying that I give a shit about status, when I don't fucking care. Any time I feel [starstruck], I imagine them taking a shit. Or I imagine them mid-orgasm. Seriously, I imagine them cumming or shitting. Or, like, scratching their buttcrack and sniffing their fingers. That shit will humanise a motherfucker."

The last time I said "This is the last time";
"I was singing "This is the Last Time"; by the National, it was just in my head. So that's literally the last time.

The last time I threw a tantrum
"Probably to Max. Max always receives my tantrum. It wasn't to him, it was with him. So Max is the kind of person where he'll frustrate the shit out of me, but he's the kind of person I go to as well."

From issue #778, available now.


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