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Hear Big White's Energetic New Track 'On and On'


Hear Big White's Energetic New Track 'On and On'

Sydney guitar-pop quintet Big White tone down the jangle on thumping, chant-a-long new track "On and On", exclusively premiering today via Rolling Stone Australia.

While 2016 debut Teenage Dreams tip-toed on a line between scrappy suburban Australiana and Brit New Wave, "On and On" elevates the latter to a pulpit position, perfect for such a swaggering display of precise, punchy pop and guitars set to a scale of classic rock. Even with the subtle synths adding some texture underneath, it's first and foremost big and brass, borderline Hold Steady even, with all that messy k-hole self-deprecation swapped out for wider examinations of identity, viewed via "temporary friends and longstanding relationships", as vocalist/guitarist Cody Munro Moore explains.

"Every little surprise, every new person and idea you come into contact with signals small changes that influence a changing idea of what is 'you' and how yourself interacts with everyone else's changing forms," Moore adds, saying that on the music side the band took the track as a chance for them to "make something that got to the sharp edge quick, and with as much urgency that a pop song could take."

"On and On" is set to feature on the band's second full-length, due autumn next year via Spunk. Before which, they officially launch the new single at an afternoon show on Sunday, November 18th at Sydney's Lansdowne Hotel.


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