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Her Sound, Her Story: Ella Hooper


Amongst a recall of her career highlights — from early "make more noise" ambitions to recently adding "other strings to her bow" as a media personality — Killing Heidi vocalist and singer-songwriter Ella Hooper reflects on how her career might've turned out differently had she been a bit more forthright and, as she puts it, "the boss of [her] art."

In this latest episode of the Her Sound, Her Story video series, Hooper also talks of the firsthand frustrations she's found within the music industry, notably the gender imbalance in key decision-making roles and the impact this has had on her own music career.

"[There's] so much negative messaging around females ageing, yet we get stronger and more amazing and better at what we do as we age", Hooper says frankly. "It's just crazy that these timelines so 'apparently strict'."

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