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Her Sound, Her Story: Emma Donovan


"If I could say anything to any younger fellas, not to forget, especially with Aboriginal young women and artists, is that integrity that we have as a people and that we have for our families in the way that we want to be known and seen. We have to take that seriously when it comes to writing music and putting yourself out there."

Emma Donovan talks to Her Sound, Her Story creators Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore about creating music that not only reflects generosity and soulfulness in storytelling, but protects the honesty and dignity of indigenous culture. 

She goes onto discuss the messages and connections celebrated through music, whether through sharing language, instilling community spirit or challenging political climates: "musicians [are] the mob that will be there to tell that story the way that we see the future, the way that we want things to be."

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