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Her Sound, Her Story: Kate Ceberano


"I'm in need of no one".

Seasoned professional she is, Kate Ceberano follows up this bold statement about her taking back control of her own music career with an elongated pause, before eventually stipulating that "it's taken thirty years to build up the courage to go 'free range'."

Bubbling with passionate throughout, the veteran Australia singer-songwriter and performer examines the freedom she's found in her art — attributed as much as to personal stubbornness as the music industry itself adapting away from the business-led prism (as she eloquently says, "money can really spoil art") — in the third instalment of the Her Sound, Her Story series. Alongside that primary focus Ceberano also shares stories of the support she received from peers in her formative years as well the initial inspiration that continues to spur her dynamo enthusiasm.

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