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Her Sound, Her Story: Mojo Juju


In the next instalment of video series Her Sound, Her Story, soul singer, songwriter and guitarist Mojo Juju reflects poignantly on her identity as a queer woman of colour, and how she has come to embrace her diversity for its nuance and power.

"I don't see myself reflected in the media that often. I don't see people like me," she says. "And maybe when I was younger, I was apologetic of these things, but now I'm fierce about — this is not my problem. This is your problem. I'm not gonna pretend to be somebody I'm not."

Speaking with series creators Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, Mojo Juju meditates on the slow progression of the music industry, but remains excited by the talent of women currently working in Australian music. 

"There are so many amazing women in the music industry. Every time I turn around, there's some fierce, incredible woman doing her own thing in her own way."  

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