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Her Sound, Her Story: Tina Arena


In the final instalment of the Her Sound, Her Story video series, singer-songwriter, musical theatre actress and producer Tina Arena discusses how the music industry squanders women as both they and their careers mature.

"You've gotta give me a really damn good reason why somebody, who is in the prime of their career and are doing really good work, why on earth they should stop? Are you going to tell a male who's at the top of his game in whatever domain, that he needs to step down and retire?"

Speaking to series creators Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, Arena goes on to talk about the importance of female solidarity, mentioning how competition between women can be (and has been) dismantled by supportive relationships and encouragement of other women. "Get out of the ring. Take your boxing gloves off. Be convinced in the argument of your thoughts and your dreams."

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