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Holy Holy Share New Track 'That Message', Video of Inspired Artwork Creation


Holy Holy today release new track "That Message", the third song from forthcoming sophomore album, PAINT, exclusively premiered via Rolling Stone. It follows on from riff-heavy, "Darwinism", and the euphoric "Elevator".

Unlike its predecessors, however, "That Message" is far less direct. The track slowly assembles itself, as the striking vocals of Tim Carroll guide us through the multitude of introduced elements, with the break-beat loop and tightly-bound pop punch minimalism eventually giving way to teasing climatic breaks — a hypnotic, dreamy "let it go" pleas and a shrilling guitar solo. It's a wild, unmapped path, recalling much of the psych-prog patchwork of their impressive debut, When The Storms Would Come, yet the sparring elements of rock, pop and beyond are fused by an overarching, far more prominent sense of control.

Unconventionally, the duo — Carroll and lead guitarist Oscar Dawson — have forgone the usual video route for the reveal, instead handing over the reigns to local expressionist artist, James Drinkwater, who has created a behind-the-scenes video of him creating an original painting inspired by "That Message".

The video is the first in a collaborative series from Holy Holy called Painting to PAINT, which the band plan to gradually present during the lead up to the album's release on February 24th. The remaining clips feature fellow renowned local artists Ben Kenning, Chris Horder and Lottie Consalvo, each of which will visually interpret separate songs from PAINT.

"This project has allowed a rare crossing of the line that exists between the Australian contemporary music scene and the Australian contemporary art world.” explains Carroll, adding that "there is an opportunity here to see how an artist who operates in the visual world, interprets and responds to a work created in the sonic one."

Drinkwater also created the artwork for PAINT. See below, as well as the album's tracklist.

PAINT Tracklisting
1. "That Message"
2. "Willow Tree"
3. "Elevator"
4. "Shadow"
5. "Gilded Age"
6. "Darwinism"
7. "True Lovers"
8. "Amateurs"
9. "December"
10. "Send My Regards"


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