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How Quicksand Re-Connected With Their Past For Surprise New LP 'Interiors'


How Quicksand Re-Connected With Their Past For Surprise New LP 'Interiors'

As far as frontman Walter Schreifels was concerned, Quicksand – the band he co-founded in New York in 1990, and which split in 1995, burned out by their 300-gig-a-year schedule – was well and truly a thing of the past. "I didn't anticipate us getting back together at all, and I was cool with that," he reflects from a tour stop in Chicago. "I always felt like Quicksand was just a great thing that people have a good association with, and the fact it still resonates and new people discover it is an awesome thing. But I didn't feel the need to enhance that."

Scooped up by major label Polydor in the wake of the early-Nineties alternative explosion, Schreifels spent the first stage of the band's career adjusting to life on a major after years in the New York hardcore scene with acts such as Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today. The sinewy riffing, cold dynamics and hip-hop inspired grooves of 1993 debut LP Slip and 1995 follow-up Manic Compression made them instant classics of the era, though a breakthrough failed to transpire. ("I always thought we were too out there," shrugs Schreifels, not surprised.)

In 2012, Revelation Records (which released Quicksand's debut EP in 1990) held a concert to mark its 25th anniversary, and asked the group to re-form for the event. The response was so strong, thoughts immediately turned to a full-blown reunion and new album. Differing schedules meant the cogs turned slowly – bassist Sergio Vega has played with Deftones since 2008; Schreifels routinely has several projects on the go, from Rival Schools to Dead Heavens or solo work – but over the next few years the band started gathering ideas during sporadic tours.

In January they spent two weeks recording with Will Yip, self-funded sessions that were kept a secret until late August, when the band announced their new album Interiors with the release of first single "Illuminant".

"I took some plays out of My Bloody Valentine's book or Blur's, bands that have to my taste come back with strong records that showed a connection to the past and also a bridge that made them contemporary," says Schreifels. "That was the hope."

An Australian tour is scheduled for March. "It's been a wild ride and a lot of fun," says the singer. "I'm psyched to feel like, Quicksand, we're a band, we're doing it."

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