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Inside the Issue: #768


Inside the Issue: #768

Issue #768 (November, 2015) is out today, available at the usual outlets across Australia, as well as in our new online shop.

For our cover story Cold Chisel's Jimmy Barnes and Don Walker sit down for lunch with Grinspoon's Phil Jamieson.

With an intro by Dan Lander:

"On this sunny early-spring afternoon, the house is a hive of activity. Inside, Jane is offering drinks and preparing a gorgeous, homely lunch. Outside, in a courtyard littered with potted citrus and succulents, Barnes is playing host to an odd couple: old friend and Cold Chisel keyboardist Don Walker is posing – a little awkwardly – for photos with Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson. But, as you watch, it becomes apparent that Barnes isn’t actually playing host at all; in fact, he’s just trying to decide which jacket to wear – suede, or some sort of shiny thing."

'Oh fuck it,' he says eventually, returning to the photographic fray (in suede, to start with at least). As he does, something becomes apparent – Barnes and Jamieson are two peas in a pod. Like a couple of Jerry Lewis’s to Walker’s Dean Martin, the two swap poses and punchlines, somehow hamming it up and keeping it honest simultaneously. Walker is there between them, the wise man who knows that as lucky as we are to have personalities like Barnes and Jamieson, well... they probably need him as much as he needs them. 

Half an hour later, the three have settled over that lunch Jane was laying out earlier to talk about their music. Cold Chisel are about to release their 12th album – The Perfect Crime – and, then, head out on tour; Grinspoon are set to reform after two years apart to support."

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The issue also features articles on Parkway DriveThe Weeknd, Boy & Bear, actor Terrence HowardMark Karpeles aka "the Bitcoin Kingpin" and the biggest show in town — US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

Paul Solotaroff:

"Trump springs from his desk chair and summons me over to the floor-to-ceiling windows facing north. Below us, beyond the Tiffany Building and the Plaza Hotel, spreads the splendid sine qua non of Central Park, lush in its summer coat of greens and golds. 'I mean, who has this location? I own this,' says Trump, marvelling at his great good fortune. 'I’m at the point in my life – tremendous cash flow, very little debt – where I could do anything I want. I said, 'Now, I'm gonna take the risk of running for president. We need that kinda mind to make great deals.'"

We also catch up in the studio with Violent Soho, talk to Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards about his first solo album in 23 years and showcase our picks for Spring's best movies, TV and music.

Take a sneak peak inside via the digital preview below:


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