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Inside the Issue: #769


Inside the Issue: #769

Issue #769 (December, 2015) is out today, available at the usual outlets across Australia, as well as in our online shop.

Our cover story is on "man of the people" Ed Sheeran. Paul Brannigan goes on the road with the Yorkshire-born songwriter, chatting about his early years, phenomenal pop success and trying to just do "normal shit".

Ed Sheeran:

"I've kind of learned the hard way over the past five years of trying to make relationships work that you have to have time to put work into them, and I just haven't had that."

We knock up more frequent flyer points as Andy Greene trails legendary performer Rod Stewart to Las Vegas — where he has performed over 100 times over the past few years — as he deals with everything from over-heated private jets, post-show parties at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant and requests from Brazilian reporters to "take [his] trousers off".

Andy Greene:

"Everyone in Stewart's orbit seems concerned, but once again he rebounds in seconds and begins happily singing a bunch of soccer balls he plans to kick into the audience during 'Stay With Me'. He's been doing this for years and refuses to stop, even though he has been sued more than once by fans who have claimed they were smacked in the face."

We also catch up with Keith Richards and Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, visit Paul Dempsey while he records in Wilco's Chicago studio, and get a rundown from Elvis Costello on the songs that have defined his life.

Left of music, Jeff Goodell spends some time with US President Barack Obama in Alaska as he takes on the biggest global challenge of our time — climate change.


"I don't want want to get paralysed by the magnitude of this thing. I'm a big believer that imagination can solve problems."


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