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Inside the Issue: #770


Inside the Issue: #770

Issue #770 (January, 2016) is out today, available at the usual outlets across Australia, as well as in our online shop.

For our cover story, Brian Hiatt catches up the woman of the moment, Adele, as she discusses the anticipation surrounding her recently-released (record-smashing) new album, 25, and how success is at odds with her private nature.


"I always feel like this is going to turn out to be a hidden-camera show, and someone is going to send me back to Tottenham."

The issue also features an interview with R&B artist Abel Terfaye — better known as The Weeknd — as he transitions from drugged-out mystery man to pop star.

Josh Eells:

"Early Weeknd songs were atmospheric and chilly, their thick narcotic haze sliced by his broken-glass falsetto. The lyrics were an addiction counsellor’s worst nightmare: pills, pain, shame, serotonin, danger. He and his crew posted three songs on YouTube and started spamming their friends on Facebook, then watched the play counts slowly climb. 'I don't know how many it actually was, but it felt like a million,' Tesfaye says. 'Five hundred plays? Holy shit!'"

We also dive deep into the far reaches of The Dark Web, explore Tom Petty's "lost years", as well as the secret recordings of Kurt Cobain. ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons gives us a breakdown of his life in 15 songs, You Am I's Tim Rogers recalls tales of romances forged from restaurant lock-ins and which album made him so happy he wanted to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, while Michael Dwyer sits down with iconic songwriter Archie Roach on the 25th anniversary of seminal album, Charcoal Lane.

To round out this massive Xmas issue (there's a few handy gift tips for those who are stuck) we also have stories on Grimes, Buddy Guy, Albert Hammond Jr., Phil Collins and a candid chat with Chris Martin from Coldplay, ahead of the release of the band's new album A Head Full of Dreams (out December 4th).


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